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Local SEO Services To Kickstart Your Business Online

Discover What It Feels Like Being on The First Page of Google.

Outsmart your competition and hire a team of experts to handle your online marketing needs.

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Since 2012, we've been providing Local SEO services to businesses and professionals around the world.

For the past decade we’ve made it our job to provide website owners premium bespoke local SEO services that will help generate traffic online. We dedicate the time and effort to understand your industry in more detail to outshine your competitors.

Local SEO Services

Our SEO services allow your organization to find measurable actions that make it easier for your website to be found online and convert. We thoroughly look at your website and strategically compose an effective SEO campaign that will be tailored to your needs. We provide a more laser-focused approach to SEO.

On-Page Optimization

No SEO campaign is complete without the On-Page components if they want their visitors to actually become customers. We will ensure that your content is SEO friendly, one that will engage and convert visitors and help you climb those ranks.

Site Diagnosis & Technical Audits

With the range of SEO tools at our disposal, we have laser-focussed approach to providing you an in depth analysis of your website. During this process, we discover what is wrong with your site, what can be done to improve rankings and we strategically find keywords that you can rank for.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can send hundreds of buyers to your website within 24 hours. Get it right and you alter the course of your business. Get it wrong, and you flush thousands of dollars down the drain. Maximize your ROI by having carefully designed campaigns around thoroughly researched keywords.

Our Process To Providing Local SEO Services

Research & Strategy

We carry out a free consultation to discuss your project in more detail. We will do an audit of your website using our range of different tools to check keyword research, analysis of your current position, competitor analysis and conversion rate analysis. From all the information we’ve gathered, we can create a strategy tailored to your business.

SEO Strategy Implementation

Following the creation of the SEO campaign, we will work to implement your strategy carefully. Depending on the digital marketing channels selected, we will leverage our existing tools, expertise and contacts to drive ROI. Throughout the campaign we provide day-to-day management, weekly/fortnightly reports and scheduled calls to discuss the progress.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Once the campaign is successfully implemented, we will monitor the performance of the website and closely check to see the improvements in page rank and overall response from visitors. From this information we will know what to tweak and control to maximise the opportunity to increase further.

Why You Need Local SEO Services For Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important stream of publicity and is extremely valuable for your business, especially if you exist online. It’s the process of increasing the visibility of your website naturally in Google or the other search engines.

It’s often referred to as “natural search,” “organic search,” or “earned search” results. 

With all the responsibilities running a business, you may not have the time to master search engine optimization (SEO). Which is where we come in. Keeping up with Google and it’s countless algorithmic changes can be extremely difficult for any business owner and it’s always a better option to have an expert take care of this for you.


What We Can Do For You?

We specialize in Local SEO Services for individuals and businesses that want visibility online, which promotes great returns on investment by helping websites become an authority amongst it neighbours.

We have provided hundred of clients from across the globe to achieve this by knowing how to carry out SEO the proper way without being penalised by Google.

Having worked at multiple Digital Marketing Agencies, we have learnt almost everything in order to excel a business online. With trial and error we have nailed a bespoke tailored approach to any business or industry that will ensure you achieve the results.

Our never ending approach to learning SEO and being technical SEO experts have enabled us to rank over 570+ businesses on the first page of Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start to see results?

Results from SEO will vary from website to website. However, it is important that your SEO consultant implements the campaign successfully, adhering to the strict rules set by Google. Get it wrong, and it can cause your website to fail miserably.

How will I know if it's working?

Well, that’s quite simple. You may receive more requests or enquiries about your service or product than often. This is a good sign and a general indication that something is working. We will provides analytics of your website to check the improvements and see if and where the SEO campaign is working and where it needs more focus on.

Can I not do it myself?

Ofcourse you can. But this takes time learning the different aspect of SEO. Hiring an SEO expert for your team can be a monumental step. Bringing in an agency is one way you know that a team of experts will be pooled together to work on your project.

What do you need to get started?

Before we discuss anything, we carry out a free consultation with you and we will carry out an SEO audit of your website and we can take it from there.

How much will all this cost me?

SEO consultants can vary in their cost. Some charge an hourly rate, while others choose a flat fee. Here at PageFrog, we offer three different packages that can be tailored a bit to suit your specific needs. This means packages by services or combining different ones. We go by a monthly recurring rate and you will always know your monthly amount and when it is due. Depending on the scale of your business/website we can estimate the costs of resources, tools and labor.


This may surprise you: Nearly 80% of our clients come to us after failing at SEO before.

Some tried to do SEO by themselves and got “slapped” (penalized) by Google for breaking rules that change almost daily.

Many of our current clients were, at some point, victims of Black-Hat SEOs who promised them lightning fast results and just flooded the internet with thousands of spammy pages and worthless backlinks.

You probably spent countless hours trying to reach them and wheelbarrows of money, yet never saw an increase in web traffic.

What Clients Have To Say

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