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SEO for Shopify: How to Grow Your Shopify Store With SEO

The world’s most popular e-commerce platform offers a myriad of features that helps people build their dream online store. With a proper Shopify SEO strategy, you can influence your search ranking and have a big impact on your sales.

The retail industry has seen a big shift in recent years as more people prefer the convenience of the internet for their shopping needs. The recent pandemic has given eCommerce momentum.

Platforms like Shopify have attracted sellers, who want to migrate their business to the internet. More than a million businesses worldwide are active on Shopify. With such a large number of competitors, it is important to set your Shopify store apart from the others.

By capturing organic search traffic, you will boost sales. The best way to get visibility is by improving your SEO. With quality content and technical details in place, you will get people to your site and convert them to customers.

Make Your Store Relevant

It is important to know that SEO alone will not bring you instant success. What it will do is provide you with a solid marketing strategy to generate leads and get sales.

The more relevant your site is, the more likely search engines are to recommend it to others, and the higher it will rank in their listings.

Shopify store that ranks first receives twice as much traffic as the runner-up in the search results.

If you are new to Shopify, don’t worry about search engine optimization. Some of the same principles apply that you have used on other platforms. Things like the right keywords, optimize images, better interface, and mobile experience. The difference is that you are not just optimizing content, but product listings.

Optimize Your Site Structure

SEO success depends on the way your content is organized on your page. Shoppers have to be able to find the products they are looking for. Having a navigable site makes the browsing experience more friendly, and it keeps visitors longer on the platform, which in turn makes for better search engine rankings.

The key point is not to overdo it with categories and subcategories. An SEO-friendly store is a simple site that makes it easier for search engines to crawl and rank your products.

The store should be built for customers in mind. The basic structure incorporates a product and category page, but also an About page and Contact page. Do not skip these pages, they let search engines know that you are credible.

Include a search box on your page. It will help visitors find what they’re looking for, so you can make more money from the traffic you already have.

Research Target Keywords

Incorporating an efficient SEO strategy means knowing which keywords are suitable for the campaign. Keywords are the foundation of successful content optimization. The key is to find out what phrases drive traffic to your eCommerce store.

Keyword research typically involves three key pieces of information:

  • Keywords that are used to search for content like yours.
  • The volume of searches for each keyword.
  • How difficult it will be to rank for each keyword.

When you have identified the keywords, you can start optimizing your content.

A good approach is to put yourself in your customers’ position. What terms would you enter to find products like yours?

Remember countless other Shopify stores are working on keyword research. It is a priority to get ahead of the competition.

Professional software is also a good idea, to get reliable data on search queries.

Gather information about your customers and use it to tailor your meta titles, meta descriptions, and headings.

Use a Responsive Design

Many online shoppers prefer to use their smartphones since it is more convenient. The numbers say that 81% of traffic on Shopify is coming through smartphones. Optimizing your Shopify store for mobile SEO is an excellent way to provide users with a more responsive shopping experience.

Responsive design means your Shopify store will look great on desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

Search engines will know if your website is mobile-friendly. Having a responsive online store is key to achieving higher rankings.

Enhance Website Security

Search engines are strict when it comes to website security. It is the goal of every SEO campaign to prevent malware and loss of data. A safe and secure website has more chances to appear on the top spot of a search engine results page (SERP).

Without security software, you decrease your chances of ranking higher on SERPs.


SEO is a long-term process. You need to monitor your campaign to make sure your Shopify store is driving sales and generating leads. With SEO you can measure your performance and use the data to improve strategies for your online store.

Consider the option of hiring a marketing agency to achieve higher rankings. In the long run, it will help your business grow and increase your customer base.

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