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Discover The Best SEO Strategies for YouTube

Most digital marketers mistakenly treat YouTube as just another social media network. But traffic rankings show it is the second most popular search engine after Google. When it comes to SEO for Youtube, applying the correct optimization elements can elevate your video contents visibility.

With over 2 billion users monthly, YouTube offers plenty of opportunities to increase brand exposure. If YouTube SEO is done correctly, it can boost traffic to your channel.

A common mistake is to use the principles that govern optimization on Google. Although both Google and YouTube are owned by Alphabet Inc. they use different algorithms to rank content. Copying the best practices that work in Google will not result in success on YouTube.

No doubt there are similarities, and any conversation about SEO will include keywords. But while backlinks play a role in Google, YouTube relies on engagement as a factor in ranking. The number of subscribers, likes, comments, and watch time, dictates what will be suggested by the algorithm.

How to Optimize Your Videos?

Taking into account that YouTube is a video search engine, you should approach content creation, as when you would be optimizing your website. This means conducting keyword research.

Keyword brainstorming is one thing, but you probably need to be able to compare keywords to each other to see which ones are searched more frequently. There is a tool for that, and it is completely free, provided by Google: Google Trends. This tool doesn’t give you actual percentages, but it is useful for comparing keywords to each other.

After you have chosen your ideal keywords, it is time to put them into action. You need to include your keywords on your video metadata so crawlers can identify your content.

Have a Catchy Title

The video title should grab the user’s attention. It should not be too wordy. It is up to you to decide which keywords to put on your title. But remember your focus keyword, the one that represents your video and whose searches interest you particularly.

The video title not only affects your SEO, it plays a role in your Click-Through-Rate, another vital factor for the YouTube algorithm. Simply said, you need a title that will compel the audience to click on it.

Make sure the title is at least five words long and include the keyword that you want to rank for.

The Description Should be a Salesman’s Pitch

The description box gives you enough space to compile a brief text about your video while. This enables YouTube crawlers to identify the content and present it in the appropriate search.

It helps the user to decide whether to watch the video or keep scrolling down on the results page. The first couple of lines preview on the YouTube SERP. Therefore, the description can affect your video’s Click-Through Rate, and by default its SEO.

Create an Appealing Thumbnail

A video’s thumbnail image is the only image that gives people a sense of what they are about to invest their time in watching. If it looks unprofessional people will ignore your video. You could do everything perfectly for your SEO, but if you have an unappealing thumbnail, you will not get views, no matter how the content is relevant.

Playlists Build Credibility

YouTube’s priority is to keep people on the platform. That is why you should think about creating playlist experiences. Research what people are searching for in your niche, and create playlists based on those topics.

Make a pre-production plan and create videos that will guide viewers through a sequence of learning that makes your channel a home base. If your channel’s video library is limited, you can even create playlists using other people’s videos to drive traffic to your YouTube page.

Scout Out Related Channels

Always learn from other’s failures and successes. Have a look at a channel in a similar niche as your own. Pay attention to details like keywords and topics used in the popular videos. But also see what elements did not spark interest among the audience.

Observe how the audience reacts to the content. What are their preferences, entertainment, or educational material? Getting a feel for the pulse of the target audience will help you craft content that can be complemented with a proven YouTube strategy without going through the process of trial and error.

Implement the Right SEO Moves

Ranking number one on YouTube may seem reserved for veteran YouTubers, big brands, or cat videos. But, the fact is everyone can get to that top by implementing the right SEO moves.

Do not consider optimization as an afterthought. You need to take SEO factors into account when writing the script.

If you are serious about more views, subscribers, and rankings, invest the time in optimization. There is a low barrier to entry to being a YouTube SEO practitioner.

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