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Here’s How You Can Boost Amazon Sales With SEO

Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, a platform with serious competition that no salespeople can overlook. Entrepreneurs need to employ the best SEO strategies to capture the enormous audience and driving new sales.

Amazon evaluates its search queries with an algorithm, known as A10. The concept is similar to Google’s. When a user types in a keyword, the algorithm employs several parameters to arrange the millions of products in its database.

Keywords are not the deciding factor in search results. Algorithms are based on performance and relevance. The most important factor for Amazon in determining product rankings is the product’s conversion rate.

A purchase is the strongest indication that a product is relevant to a user’s search. This is why optimizing for conversion rate on Amazon, is more useful than focusing on keywords to boost rankings.

Sales velocity is a metric that focuses on the number of orders a product receives on a typical day. This metric is how Amazon’s A10 algorithm scores the relevance of a product to a customer search, making it the main factor in why a product ranks highly. By establishing a compelling sales resume, Amazon will reward you with a better ranking.

Incorporate Long-Tail Keywords

Keyword selection is achieved by looking at the top-selling products, going through the list, and selecting any keywords that match your product.

This can a time-consuming process, so you might choose to use a free Amazon keyword tool to determine a keyword’s search volume.

Most buyers on Amazon type in long-tail keywords to look for product listings. Once you find your keywords, you need to incorporate them in your listings and place them in product titles or descriptions.

Perfect Your Title

The title is the most important element to optimize for SEO on Amazon. The most effective way to grab your reader’s attention is with an eye-catchy header. Place the most relevant keywords first.

Some tips for optimizing your titles are:

  • Include the brand name.
  • Describe your product.
  • Name a unique selling proposition of your product.
  • Indicate the color options
  • Power output requirements
  • Clarify the dimensions of the product
  • Size and quantity

Detailed Product Description

Wondering what to post about your product? Your information should not be complex. Look at it as an opportunity to persuade buyers about the advantages of your product. Include your information in bullet form. Product descriptions can be detailed, but the audience needs to be able to understand the information

A well-crafted product description does not merely mimic what was written in the product title, but expands on its details and makes the benefits a focal point of the text. If you want to take it to another level. Tell a story about the product that presents a unique viewpoint on why people need it in the first place.

Customers on Amazon typically hate reading large chunks of text, so you have to make your product description as concise as possible. We recommend maintaining three lines for each paragraph.

Fill your bullets with a keyword. You can emphasize features such as weight, size, and color.

Manage Your Feedback

Reputation is a driving force in business. Positive reviews encourage consumers to purchase your product, while negative reviews affect how your product is perceived. Products with four or more stars are at the top of Amazon’s search results. Most of these products have great reviews.

Make it a priority to convince your customers to write about their experience with your products.

Do not be discouraged by negative reviews. Respond to complaints by offering to replace damaged goods. Whether negative or positive, a response to your feedback will boost your rankings on Amazon.

Images Affect Conversion Rates

Images are an overlooked part of SEO. The quality of images on Amazon can have an impact on conversion rates. Especially in an online store, where buyers can’t see your product in front of them. Quality product image builds trust in your product and contributes greatly to motivating buyers to add an item to the shopping cart.

You should have at a minimum of six images, and a product video on your product page.  Provide high-resolution images, that have been Photoshop to perfection. A visual portfolio like this will increase your conversion rate.

Consumers Want Affordable Prices

Be careful not to overprice your products, that can reduce your Amazon SEO performance. People love a good bargain. Check your competitors’ price, before you add a price tag to your product.

The competition will determine the price range you will need to stay in.

Make Your Product Available

Make sure you have a constant supply of your product. Having inventory means you are always in business. No inventory of an item can make your product decrease in rankings. It can be discouraging for buyers to find out that you are out of stock of a product they were willing to purchase.

Amazon is the best place to display your products and find potential buyers. Investing in Amazon SEO will boost your sales. When you know how the algorithm ranks products, you can make it work in your favor, by placing your product in a position satisfying your customers.

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